Home Entertainment Angry Delay curses fan who said she’s nothing without a husband

Angry Delay curses fan who said she’s nothing without a husband


Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known as Delay has descended heavily on fan who touched on what has been an untouchable part of her life, that is her marital status.

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The aggressive TV host and Entrepreneur was told by the fan that she was nothing without without a husband, a statement which Delay didn’t take lightly.

Delay, who has probably heard that statement too many times as her marital status has always come up for public discussion, charged on him.

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Deloris Frimpong Manso replied the fan, Kojo Peprah in facebook, writing:

am everything, and more. l am a phenomenal woman, an achiever, a trailblazer and a blessing to my family and this country. The only nothing here is you. Nobody knows you, the only time you have been of relevance is now, and it’s only because you tried to throw dirt on a great woman like me. You are just another nonentity who will never be celebrated and will be lost in the sands of time and long forgotten!