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“An oppressed black American is an oppressed African” – DKB says as he joins George Floyd Protests

Ghanaian Comedian DKB / George Floyd

Ghanaian comedian, DKB has added his voice to the millions protesting the injustice and discrimination faced by African Americans in the United states of America.

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DKB in a picture posted on social media was seen in black shirt with the inscription “Support your own” and a red bandana tied around his head, a symbol used in Ghana during demonstrations.

DKB also held a placard with the popular hashtag #Blacklivesmatter written boldly on it. It is not immediately clear if it was a one man demonstration or there were other participants.

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He captioned the picture: “An oppressed black American is an oppressed African.”

The Killing of George Floyd and the protests

Tensions rose high when former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and his 3 other colleagues were involved in an arrest of unarmed black Male George Floyd, who died after Chauvin knelt on his neck for 9minutes, refusing to heed to his plea that he couldn’t breathe.

Following video of the incident going viral on social media, spontaneous protests sprung up in many cities in America and even in London, where many properties have been torched.

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Former officer Derek Chauvin is in police custody and has been charged with 3rd degree murder, but the general public and the protesters have been calling for the other officers to be charged too and a much harsher charge be brought against Chauvin.