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An expired friendship is NOT beef, never put dirt on former friends – Man advises

Photo credit: Jeffery Dekal

Most often, when friends separate due to misunderstandings, both or atleast one, is left embittered following the separation.

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It is therefore common to see such a person or persons trying to get back at the other using any means possible, including spreading false information about him or her, revealing secrets and sometimes even resorting to violence.

A netizen though, has advised that trying to get back at a former friend is not necessary and most often unwarranted.

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Taking to Twitter, @justdboy explained that, an expired friendship is not tantamount to a beef, and harboring any malice and bad blood against a former friend is betrayal to the institution of friendship.

An expired friendship is NOT beef.” He wrote

Effectively, he advises that people move on from broken friendships and respect what they shared together when there was fire in that friendship, instead of trying to harm the other because they broke the friendship for whatever reason.

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