All You Need to Know About ‘The Peoples Project TPP’ – Formation, Founder, Motto, Aim and Objectives

The Peoples Project, TPP has been making waves especially in social media circles and it is understandable that many are at a loss as to what TPP is.

Is it a political Party?, Who founded it?, will they contest in the 2020 elections? are but a few of the questions many have asked.

Nsemwoha has taken it upon ourselves to educate the public on what TPP is, how it was formed, the aim and objectives and frontliners of the organization.


The Peoples Project, TPP is a Movement which was conceived and founded by vociferous Musician A Plus.

In A Plus’ own words, “The People’s Project basically is a formidable, Non-partisan and Non-violent Ghanaian third force cum social movement established to demand for social goals and constitutional reforms that serves the best interest of the good people of Ghana.

Founded in recent times and lead by Mr. Kwame Asare Obeng a.k.a A PLUS, the movement has gotten approval from many Ghanaian citizens home and abroad with over five hundred and thirty-five (535) branches across the globe and an estimated membership of over 700,000.

The unique factor about TPP is that, we do not only criticize government but also lends a helping hand in solving some of the numerous Ghanaian problems. As a commitment to the good people of Ghana, we build free modern boreholes with purification systems to provide good drinking water to communities across the country, we give startup capitals to as many youth as possible, we have coverings for persons with disabilities among many other social interventions.

We are currently building our own mobile application to migrate our membership to ease up communication and also help in formal registration.


TPP as a movement is advocating for the national development planning commission to be made an autonomous body and tasked to design a twenty year development plan for Ghana.

This, we believe will lead a focused sense of direction, promote continuity by preventing political actors, be it NDC, NPP or any other party from directly influencing or interfering in national Projects unnecessarily.

We are also calling for the amendment of the 1992 constitution. It’s a known fact that, the constitution is full of flaws and actually protects the elit and the political class at the detriment of the common Ghanaian.

Additionally, we are calling for the cancelation of Exgratia. As always stated by the leader of this great movement, parliamentarians must only receive such amount once. The reason for this is that, all other civil servants retire just once in 35 to 40 years and receive peenuts as pension but parliamentarians retire every 4 years and receive huge amounts which is causing financial loss to the state.

This and many other reforms are what we seek to advocate for. In order to have a bigger bargaining power to support this advocacy, we are mobilizing millions of voters to enable us negotiate developmental demands with aspiring governments.


1. Promote citizens’ participation and engagement in the democratic and governance processes.

2. Demand accountability, transparency and responsibility from government and government officials.

3. Promote the development and implementation of inclusive and sustainable policies and programmes.

4. Facilitate the implementation of pro-poor projects and initiatives for very low-income communities in the country

5. To drive initiatives that will empower the youth economically and in other aspects to rejuvenate their interest in national discourse to promote development.

The leadership of the movement believes that, With a collective power, numbers, an enlightened and a very objective voter population, anyone that holds power in Ghana will get responsible and focus on the task of development than promote a selfish interest and incompetence.


Source: | A Plus

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