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Alex Ofei Writes : Nation Building


Folks, I want us to take a second look at our style of nation building; the style of our so called Democracy. I believe the paradigm is not properly set and unless it is changed, it will be difficult for any Government to succeed.

A kind of Democracy that is not accountable and allows the political system to tell the people whatever they want and walk away free. Sometimes when you listen to the kind of arguments that are made on our airwaves, you are forced to ask whether those who are making the arguments even understand what they are talking about.


There was a time I happened to be driving around with a friend of mine around town and when we got stopped at a police check point and asked to provide the documents of the vehicle, my friend reached out and gave them some papers. The Policeman proceeded to to inspect the engine and the Chassis Number to see if it tallied with the papers he had been given. He returned the documents back to my friend after he seemed satisfied with his check and asked us to move on.

I was very uncomfortable with the process and our way out I asked my friend how the Policeman could determine if the documents he had been given was the original one since there was no system to cross check and that my friend would be a fool to pass on the documents if he thought it would not tally with the Chassis Number. I was of the belief that it was proper based system to cross check to find out the authenticity of the documents he was with as regards the car he was checking. What it meant was that he was forced to accept whatever was given him.

Folks, unfortunately that is the kind of system the whole of Africa runs. We are not made to know how much money that accrues to the nation before it is used. This allows the Polician can therefore decide to promise us anything he likes and we the people are forced to believe him since there is no way to do a proper feasibility study on whatever claims he makes.

We are fooled into voting Governments into power and suffer the consequences for four years all. Why can’t we be made to have a fair idea of the resources that the nation can possibly make in a year and by that I mean the common man on the streets being made aware so that no Politician can take advantage of our ignorance lie his way power.

People must be seen to be making informed decisions during election times so as to ensure that elections are geared towards bettering the lot of the people rather than creating jobs for those who can lie most.