Home Lifestyle Agona Nkwanta: Man in grips of Police for sending wife to Priest

Agona Nkwanta: Man in grips of Police for sending wife to Priest

The culprit (name withheld) from Annkyernyin Nkwanta near Apowa in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region requested the Agona Nkwanta based Priest, Nana Nzema to cause the wife’s private part and the breasts to rot

He also requested the to transfer the wealth of the wife to him and make the wife poor


According to the Priest, the man who claims to be a university graduate says he has lost his job but his wife whom he has been marrying for about a year now though rich, has not been taking good care of him

The husband claims the wife has become promiscuous and makes him wash her pantes amongst other unfair treatments

“I charged him 1600 cedis and asked him to bring the wife’s picture and pantes…
He brought six pantes and a picture of the wife but after seeing the picture of the lady and how Beautiful she was, I decided to hand the man over to the police” the priest narrated to CONNECT FM’s OMANBAPA morning show host, Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson Monday morning 8am

The husband who is pleading with the police to conceal the news from the wife is currently assisting the police in investigation

Story: CONNECT FM 97.1