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“After the Corona Virus vanishes so call Christians will forget about God, ‘Kwasia’ you think God is a cripple” – A Plus to Ghanaians (screenshot)

Popular Ghanaian musician who suddenly turned to politician A Plus has blasted Ghanaians after crying for help to be free from Corona Virus.

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Almost everybody has it in mind that the Virus is a punishment from God to the world and others think it was created by the Chinese.

Well, A Plus has revealed that those who are taken part in the fasting are part time Christians and corona virus Christians.

According to him, as soon as the corona virus pandemic is over those who were fasting and praying are the same people who will forget God.

He added that, after the corona Virus vanishes people will start wearing bikinis, start smoking, ignore churches and enter bloom bar.

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He took to his Facebook handle and posted that


“When I finish eating my waakye, I’ll post something on Facebook and I know for sure that the so called Christians who are fasting right now will insult me. If you insult pɛ, the fasting spoil. Don’t try koraaa

Part time Christian. Coronavirus Christians. Covid-19 evangelist. You see the way small virus slow you down. Abi like by now you dey go kiss kiss some girl. Kiss am? What you dey fear?

If the virus vanish norrr you’ll forget about God and carry bikini and enter beach. Like by now your snap dey on fire abi? If the virus vanish norrr you forget about church and enter Bloombar with your jot at the corner of your mouth. Sia ladat!!! You think say God be ananta”


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A Plus is right there

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