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Africans should invest in life, not death – Reno Omokri


It’s often said that Africans love the dead more than the living. Though this assertion is not backed by any scientific data, it still encapsulate a lot of truth in it.

The amount of money we spend on the performance of our funerals has always been a source of worry to many. The deceased is given the utmost respect; the kind that he or she never had when he was alive.

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In Ghana, funerals are even used to determine the status of the deceased. This has pushed many poor families to keep their dead family members in the morgue for months whilst contributing money to be able to give the them a ‘befitting’ burial and funeral.

Nigerian lawyer, Reno Omokri has taken to twitter to take a bite at the topic of expensive funerals. According to him, people should be more concerned about the living than the dead.

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He tweeted: “A befitting burial takes place when family gather and the dead is put in a 6 feet deep grave. You dont even need a coffin. You can bury your loved ones the way Christ was buried-wrapped in a piece of cloth. Africa should invest in life, not death!”

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