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Africans must return to the Gods of our ancestors, we are copying blindly – Efia Odo

Efia Odo / Illustrative photo

Ghanaian socialite and model, Efia Odo has intimated that Africans have got it all wrong when it comes to religion and its practice on the continent.

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Efia Odo taking to Twitter, explained that every nation has its unique way of worshipping God and worshiping like other people do, is a sure sign religious Africans have lost the path and need to do soul searching and return to the way of worship of their ancestors.

“Every nation has its own way of worshiping God. Do not copy another nations way of worship. Africans need to return to African-based religion” She wrote

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Efia Odo further explained what the African traditional way of worship entails, writing:

Followers of traditional African religion believe that ancestors sustain a spiritual relation with their living relatives. ”These traditions are not religious principles, but a cultural identity that is passed on through stories, myths and tales”.