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Adebayor Shames Sandra Sarfo With Wisdom Over Funny Face Gay Allegations

First of all if you don’t know Sandra Sarfo don’t worry that you are showbiz outdated, her gram profile says she’s an actress and accordingly, she’s been investing in her fame to get to the top so that you can all know her and it’s paying off.


Craving for attention, Sandra uninvitedly interfered in Lil Win versus Funny Face’s beef at the back of claims that she is a side chick to the former.

She launched a verbal attack on the Kasoa Vandamme, describing him as a g.a.y who has won Adebayor’s kind heart with h.o.m.o.s.e.x.u.a.l acts and the Togolese footballer has finally replied her.

Speaking wisdom, Adebayor educated Sandra that a man being generous to men is not a thing that defines his s.e.x.u.a.l orientation.

He continued that if that is to be the standard of identifying gays, then it would mean that every man he has helped is gay too.


In a post he made on Instagram, Adebayor wrote:

As you all know, one of the things I enjoy most is to give back to my community. Whether, it is a rising artist, footballer, or any individual working hard on their craft.

I have helped build houses, schools, small businesses…I have done this all across Africa. Many of them, you will not even see advertised on social media. Just this past December I helped by boosting Virgin Fresh Coconut’s business.

Proud to see him celebrate his wins everyday ! I brought multiple celebrities and friends to his store and funded his business. I have helped him just like I have helped @therealfunnyface.

Same way, I gave a car to @djboto10 in December. I find joy in helping men or women working hard towards their goals. I have been hearing @sandra_sarfo_ababio calling me gay for helping @therealfunnyface.


If I was to listen to comments from people like @sandra_sarfo_ababio, then brothers like Virgin Fresh Coconut, @djboto10 or @therealfunnyface would never get help. These are just a couple of examples from December.

What about the countless men and women I have helped throughout my entire career, were/are they all my partners? Behaviors like this make us walk backward. I will let you all be judge of this and go share a word of advice with @sandra_sarfo_ababio ????????????/ @officiallilwin ????????‍♂️????