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Abronye DC Writes: Mahama finally executes his plan to destabilise Volta God and Northerners


The NDC since time memorial has chastised and lambasted the NPP for being tribalistic and concentrating solely on Akans.

The NDC has painted a picture to make it look as if, NPP hates people from the Northern and Volta Regions but they in the NDC are open to same people and that, they cherish and love them. The NDC as a result of this, ostensibly tagged their party to be for the Voltarians and Northeners.

Publicly, the NDC has consistently accused the NPP of being a party for only Akans and for that reason, Alhasan Suhiyni, a member of parliament and a staunch NDC member once said “I get annoyed anytime I see Akans”.

Now that, ironically NDC has made it known for sympathizing with Northerners, my simple question is, *how many of their National Officers are Ewes and Northeners?*

It was clear that, Mahama wanted Voltarians out because he had initially stated that, the Volta God has been served for quite too long and it was time to do away with the volta God (Rawlings). Mahama intelligently executed this by making sure he financed Akans over Voltarians using his ill gotten money. It is clear that Mahama financed Asiedu Nketia over Koku and did same for Sammy Gyamfi against Fred Agbenyo and several others.

Granted without admitting that, NPP is for Akans, we however cherish them as our strong hold and accordingly reward them and that is why we have our National Vice Chairman F. F Anto, national youth Organizer Nana B, Dep. Comm. Director Jenny Queen and a whole lots from our strong hold.

Mahama on his current tour to the central region indicated that, his party executives at the time he was president diverted funds and monies meant for campaign and labelled them as corrupt and thieves.

Now, we still have these same Ofosu Ampofo, Aseidu, Kweku Boahene, etc.. who their former president accuse as looters as executives of the opposition party.
Even their small party funds meant for campaign, they diverted them into their personal accounts what is the guarantee that, they won’t divert state funds?

To end with, i would like to tell the NDC that, if an old woman dies and you succeed her with another old woman, what you have actually done is just postponing the funeral of the dead old woman. “

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