Abdul Matin Writes: Mahama’s misinformation and concocted lies palpable sign of desperation

Yesterday , I observed with disappointment as Mr. Mahama in a sweet flowery tirade but needless address which won for him an ignominious doctorate of peddling falsehood. Since being humiliated in the general election of 2016 after a wasteful 8 years in government , he has become a Chief peddler of lies and an omnibus for conveying all manner of garbage to Ghanaians in an attempt of courting public attention.

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He has held onto calumny and disinformation and to a large degree, concocted lies so as to obscure the benefits Ghanaians currently enjoy under His Excellency Nana Addo’s led government. Some of these policies are the FREE SHS , the import substitution industries through the One district , one factory policy , the planting for food and jobs policy , reduction in the unemployment rate of Ghana which saw to the collapse of the Ghana Association of unemployed graduates association, rearing for food and jobs amongst others. These policies and programmes amongst others by Nana Addo are existential threat to the survival of the NDC. In fact, the unlikely change of government has the potential of reversing Ghana to the state it were before 2017.

Mahama was given a mandate to form a government and run Ghana on the back of a manifesto he presented in 2012.
In absolute terms , the manifesto was suppose to be a guiding or living book for the period of four years from the last last election which in case 2012. Unfortunately , I curiously observed John Mahama yesterday as he made excuses for everything that he should have done within his reign was supposed to havr been done in 2017.

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I have come to realize that John Mahama isn’t only a mirror reflection of inconsistency but a gross embodiment of falsehood albeit biting more than he can chew. Here is a man promising to do this and that when he has had the opportunity and never did.

Sadly , John Mahama yesterday talked about the planting of some 100million trees to be undertaken in his wildest dreams of becoming a president again. Not every Ghanaian has a short memory as he accused us in the not too distant past and I think he must know that.

On July 6 2012, as a vice president , he launched a programme of afforestation of 5 million trees under SADA. A whopping sum of GHS 32.5million cedis was wasted in the vainful enterprise of tree planting . Vainful because , the money was blown into the pockets of criminally minded NDC gurus and with absolutely nothing to show. Even the few trees planted , were planted during the dry season and all withered away. No results ! What we saw, really was how trees that were older than Mahama’s grandfather’s grandfather were labeled as SADA trees.

John Mahama was heard blaming the current administration for the ‘financial sector crisis’ . The good news is that , deposits of depositors have been safeguarded and we’ll protected . But it is important to also know that corporate governance is different from what Mahama thinks. The challenge with the financial sector is that, managing directors became damaging directors feasted upon the resources of banks and hence their insolvency. Surprisingly, John Mahama further accused the regulator of the commercial banks for increasing minimum capital requirement and which in his opinion is a contributory factor . Sadly , John Mahama should have known better especially when Parliament passed the Banks and Specialised deposit taking act of 2016 and which was assented to by him (John Mahama) and therein what the article says.

It is sufficiently important to also correct the erroneous impression by John Mahama relative to the size of government. The size of Nana Addo’s government is paradoxical to their expenditure. In accordance to article 78(1) of the Constitution , majority of the government ministers is composed of members of parliament and thereby making expenditure less expensive. But who’d have a large volume of work to undertake and employ a few workers ? The more workers one has, the more productive your enterprise becomes.

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To conclude , I will want to know , since when has John Mahama known that the salary cap of public workers and article 71 holders should be bridged ? And of the restructure of student loan to be given as a cushion to students , would it be given to the poor students with the objective of payback and if so , who’d gets happy owing?

But come to think of it , why isn’t he talking about one time NHIS premium, his 10 brand new teacher training colleges, amongst the many other unfulfilled promises ?

Salifu Abdul-Matin

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