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A woman’s value is in her intellect and talent not her sex organs – Lady says

Often times, many young girls take pride in what they have between their thighs to the neglect of what counts for their actual worth – intellect. It’s common to see more successful women who can’t point to any meaningful job they engage in. This has worsened the notion that, most women use their sex organs to make a living

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This trend is becoming normal in our societies nowadays. Women have been made to believe that, their value is determined by their reproductive organs.

A Kenyan lady on twitter, identified as Fina Mukoda has therefore advised her colleagues to stop limiting their value to only their sex organs.

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According to her, a woman’s value goes beyond just her vagina. Her intellect and talent count more than anything else in determining her value and worth in society. Her tweet has received wide commendation from twitter users.

She wrote: “And something else.. A woman’s value is not in her Vagina. A vagina is just a conglomeration of muscles and mucus a pH 3.8-4.5!A but a woman’s worth is her intellect (brains), talent and many more. Ok so let’s stop using a vagina as brain”