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A woman can never be equal to a man – Efia Odo says

Efia Odo has invited the wrath of the Ghanaian feminist society upon herself after saying that man and woman can never be equal.

The social media celebrity is known for involving herself in controversies. This time around she has entered the feminists’ den and as expected many of them, they have come after her on twitter.

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Efia Odo stated reasons for her assertion that men and women can never be equal. She gave an example of things that both men and women can’t do equally. She mentioned that whilst men can produce sperm biologically women cannot.

Women, according to her, can also give birth, something their male counterparts will never be able to do. She explained that we can’t achieve gender equality, and instead, every gender must respect each other equally.

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She wrote: “Man and woman can never be equal so stop looking for equality. All that’s needed is for every gender to respect each other for their differences. Men can’t give birth and women can’t produce sperm(naturally). So no, we can’t be equal but we can give each other equal respect.”