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A wise man will choose an intelligent and industrious wife over a beautiful clueless lady – Woman advises

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Advice has gone to single men who are searching for a life partner to settle down with, to look beyond the temptation of beauty and rather deliberately seek out for intelligence and industriousness in the ladies they meet.

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Beauty is pleasing to the eyes and almost always attracts, but most often it covers serious unwanted behaviors that may in the long run be inimical to the marriage after the butterflies in the man’s stomach fly away.

The Facebook user, Jessica Serwaah therefore asked men not to be swayed by the charm of beauty, but rather find a lady who is industrious and intelligent who can support them to build their family on a good foundation.

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She further adviced ladies to also prioritize the acquisition of knowledge to enhance their contribution to the home.

She wrote in a post: “A wise man will choose an intelligent and industrous wife over a beautiful clueless lady.  Dear ladies, let us prioritize intelligence over beauty, so we can contribute positively to home and be a pillar for our husbands ????????

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