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A wise husband will not include his wife’s salary in the family budget – Lady claims

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A lady has claimed that wise is a man who knows and understands that his wife’s income is not for the home and therefore cannot be factored in the family budget.

The netizen, Jessica Serwaah explained that a man who accepts this fact shall be free from disappointment, and concomitantly, have peace of mind in the home.

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In marriages, the man traditionally is mostly the bankroller and provider while the woman takes care of the home.

But times have changed and more women are working and making substantial income that can supplement what the man makes to help in taking care of the expenditure in the home.

But women,  have long been reluctant with sharing their money with their partners, especially in African homes, women are told their money is for them and their extended family while the man’s money is for spending.

Same is echoed by this netizen who wrote in a Facebook post : “A wise man is one who doesn’t include his wife’s salary in the family budget, for he will never be disappointed ????????. A woman’s money is her own, a man’s money is for the home, the sooner men understand that, the better.

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Her post reflects the reality most often in African homes and while men may wish this change, until then, a peace loving man should heed to this advise.