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A relationship is not a secret cult, if they don’t show you off, they’re cheating – Man says

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A man has cautioned people in relationships, ladies especially to be vigilant of partners who prefers keeping their relationship a secret no matter the excuse given.

In an apparent exposé on ways guys who have multiple partners operate, he said if a guy doesn’t show you off, especially on social media and to friends and family, then it is almost certain that there is someone else in the frame.


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Taking to Facebook, Netizen Obeng Prince said a relationship is unlike a secret cult where those involved must hide their involvement, but rather it is like a candle, which when lit, is placed in the open for all to see and appreciate the light it brings.

You don’t light a candle and hide it away, same way a relationship is not a secret cult for you to conceal your involvement. I say with authority that if your partner refuses to post you and show you off, there is definitely someone else” he wrote.


The topic of whether or not people should post their partner on social media has become a matter of public discussion, with even a popular Ghanaian musician, Akwaboah going to the length of saying most people who refuse to post their partners on their social media pages are cheating.

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The public opinion though have been divided into two, one side saying a relationship is a private matter and must be kept so while the other half says we live in a world where social media have become an integral part of our lives therefore posting your partner is tantamount to introducing him or her to your friends, otherwise you have something to hide.

My take though, is that, it all boils down to personal discretion. If you’re comfortable plastering your lover all over your social media wall, by all means go ahead and do it. It will make it obvious you are proud of him or her and isn’t afraid to show him or her off.


But if you’re secretive by nature and by all intents and purposes, doesn’t have something to hide, then the onus falls on you to show your partner that you’re not posting him or her for a genuine reason, and it will also be incumbent on you to allay all fears and doubts that might lurk in their mind. The choice is yours.