A PLUS writes – Ghana needs 50 year development Plan; NDC/NPP leading Ghana haphazardly

In 1995, the NDC administration launched the Vision 2020 document that was put together by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) as Ghana’s blue print for sustainable socio-economic development.

2019 is just 3 days away. Ghana has reteogresssed. Ghana is worse than 1995 when this vision 2020 was launched. Malafaka leaders!!! Visionless country. NDC begins one Project, NPP wins power and abandon it and starts a new one because NDC has chopped all the kickbacks. Same happens when NDC wins power. They abandon NPP projects.

What we need is a government which will spend 4 years drafting a 50 year development plan for Ghana, call for referendum and enact that 50 year development plan into our constitution so that Irrespective of which party is in power, Ghana will go according to plan. No party must have a manifesto. The 50 year development plan must be Ghana’s manifesto.

For now, Ghana is indeed a village. Everything is basabasa. Everything is done in the internet of parties and individuals not Ghana.

By: A Plus

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