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A Man With a Plan Needs a Woman Who Understand It’s a Process Not Competition – Man Says

Photo: Faisal Dangote / Facebook

It is said that most ladies of today prefer an already made man; that is to say a man who is well to do and has acquired material things and has luxury to offer.

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For want of these sort of luxuries and comfort, some ladies push their partners off their vision and plan for life into dangerous paths by pressuring them by engaging in dangerous comparisons to other people who are well to do.

A man has in liu of this, sent a piece of advice to his fellow men, telling them to be extra vigilant when choosing a woman they will spend the rest of their life with.

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The netizen Faisal Dangote, taking to Facebook said that, a man who may have a clear plan for his life goals and ambitions must find himself a lady who understands that success is a process and not a competition.

A Man With A Plan Needs A Lady That Understand It’s A Process????????Not A H*e That Thinks It’s A Competition.”