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A man who truly loves a lady will never give her money, but only advice her – Man says

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Women have long perceived their partners who shower them with money and gifts as caring and loving while tagging those who sparingly open their wallets as stingy.


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A netizen, has busted this phenomenon by suggesting that men make a change in the way they express their love and affection for their partners devoid of material and monetary input.

He claims constantly offering your girlfriend words of advise is a more prudent way of expressing love to her than giving her money.

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The netizen, Solomon Emmanuel, taking to Facebook, asked men to therefore show their love by only offering advice and not money because it can help women become more useful in life.

A guy who truly love his girlfriend w’ll never give her money, he wll only b given her advice, so that she w’ll b useful in life.” he wrote

Solomon Emmanuel’s Facebook post
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