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A man is never truly happy until he is financially stable – Lady claims


It is an undeniable fact that money makes the world go round and any man unfortunately besieged by poverty, finds it hard making any impact in his life, home or community.

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In some cultural settings, riches automatically affords one respect, even from those they’re many years younger than, thus, it is most people’s dream to achieve some level of financial cushion to make life a little more comfortable.

A lady has taken it further by stating bodly an important reason why it is absolutely necessary that every man makes enough money, at least a substantial amount that can suffice for a decent quality of life.

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The netizen Queen Preshii avers that financial stability of a man is inexplicably intertwined with his happiness in life and that it may be impossible for a man to be truly happy if his finances is nothing to write home about.

Taking to Twitter, @queenpreshii wrote “To be honest, a man can never be happy until he’s financially stable.”

Queen Preshii’s tweet
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