A lot of people use giving as an evil tactic to control others, becareful – Sarkodie advises 

Award winning Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has advised people to be vigilant and investigate the motive behind people who gifts them money and other items.

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The reigning winner of the BET Hiphop best International flow award, in a Twitter post, said while giving is a good act of kindness, not every gift is borne out of pure benevolence.

He added that some people actually have ulterior motives behind their acts of giving, saying, most often such people use giving as an evil tactic to control those they give to.

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Effectively, Sarkodie advises that, we receive from others cautiously and try to find out the unspoken conditions that comes with every gift before deciding to accept or not.

The act of giving is very good when it’s genuine but this same act can also be an evil tactic to control … A lot of people give to be able to control” he wrote.

To give more context to his advice, we see the manifestation of what Sarkodie is saying in Africa, where our dependence on foreign aid has meant that we cannot stand up to the big nations when they abuse our rights or internationally agreed treaties.

This was evident in the recent inhumane treatment of Africans in China, yet no African leader had the guts to speak out against China, because Africa heavily depends on China for aid and loans.

In our own homes and communities, it is evident in the way the rich use their financial power to muscle their way out of any situation because they give a lot out and buy the loyalties of those who are supposed to ensure justice.

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