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A financially broke woman have no right hating a broke man, you can’t hate what you are – Lady says

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For some ladies, being in a relationship assures their financial security and the thought of dating a man who is financially broke outrightly disgusts them.

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But a lady has sent a piece of advice to her fellow women who hates to see men who are comparatively broke financially proposing love to them, that they have no moral right to reject or hate such men.

Explaining her assertion, she said that a lady who is financially broke herself is no different from a man who is financially broke.

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She continued by saying such ladies hating financially broke men is tantamount to hating themselves because it’s what they are too and you can’t hate what you are.

If U hate financially broke men then don’t be a financially broke woman.You Can not Hate What You Are. One Sided Expectations Can Destroy You. If U Want A Man With a Car U will show us exactly where you have parked yours.” she wrote.

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