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5 Reasons why Shatta Wale is better than Sarkodie


The CEO of Shatta Movement, the champion Shatta Wale succesfully launched his Reign album at the Fantasy dome at trade fair to a packed hall full of fans singing every song on the album word to word.

Before the album lunch, a fracas between Sark and Shatta led to the release of a disc song by Sark called Advise. The release of the song has resulted in the public comparison of the two artists by pundits and fans alike. Here, we take a look at the things that make Shatta a better artist than Sark.


1. Talented : undoubtedly both artist are talented in their own right and the difference in the genre of music they pursue makes it difficult to compare their talent yet the truth is, Shatta can write a song within minutes and it will be a street sensation same day. Some artists take time to release good songs but Shatta it comes to him naturally and the number of hit songs to his credit attests to that. Sark may be talented but it looks like it takes him some time to put something good together.

2. Fan numbers: Any human being who can pull crowds to support him vehemently as Shatta does is definitely gifted. From a relatively obscure artist to an instant sensation, it took Shatta less than a year to build a mammoth fanbase upon his reinvention from Bandana to Shatta Wale.

3. Understanding of Showbiz : Forget the feuds and the constant picking on other artists by Shatta, it’s all strategic action towards a foreseen end. Shatta is more like Kanye West who is able to stir public sentiments to push his career and he does so in his own unique way. Beef is part of showbiz and many may not notice but his feud with Kwawkesse and Sark played right into his agenda. No publicity is bad publicity for anyone in showbiz and Shatta is able to ride this well.

4. Intouch with the Ghetto: Shatta is a ghetto boy, coming from Korle gonno and growing up in Nima both localities known to be ghettos in the city. Shatta hasn’t lost touch, he’s always out there mingling with the ghetto youth and its understandable why they love him. Forget the elitist Sarkodie, Shatta is the real ish in the Ghetto.

5. Rich and living rich: What is money if you don’t spend it or show off once in a while. It is done everywhere and more so in the much-respected American music industry. He has some money to spend and he shows it, got a problem with that? Forgetti