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5 Easy tips on how to survive a lockdown


The Partial Lockdown is a step in the right direction to break the chain of infection, monitor and isolate anyone who is coming up with the related symptoms of the infection. It’s the right thing to do at this time for your own good.

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Below are a few experience based tips from Nana Akua, a Ghanaian living in China who went through similar lockdown.

1. Stay at home, do not drink ice cold water even though the weather may feel hot, drink warm or hot water always. Take a sip of water intermittently to keep your throat wet. Hot soup and tea always.

2. You will definitely run out of food and cash if you’re still gonna be eating that three square meal you alway eat. These are not normal times, cut your food intake, save some and share with others who cannot afford it moreover it’s expensive now so eat wisely. Cook at home. It’s economical than buying “already made”. There are lots of simple recipes on the internet, search and learn. It’s gonna be exciting. (I learnt to make bofloat with just yeast, sugar and flour, too yummy!)

3. Take a walk in your compound if you get bored. Do some DIYs with your family. Exercise, dance it’s gonna help your body

4. To those who are gonna be using the public loo, disinfect it with dettol or any strong disinfectant or medical alcohol by putting this in a spray bottle and spraying around the loo before u use.

5. This is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Put your phones aside sometimes, pray, watch movies, chat , play games, read stories to your kids it takes away boredom. Call your friends and check up on them especially those that live alone. (Don’t go and visit oo)

Help others by staying safe. Don’t be in a hurry. You have all the time in the world if you are alive. If the trotro is too packed, take the next.

We gonna get through this. If others did, Yes we can. God help us.

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