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“4 years is too short to deliver on Promises”


The constitution of the republic of Ghana has enshrined in that ” Each term of government shall last for 4 years and no individual shall stay in power for terms exceeding two”.

Successive governments has failed to deliver most of their campaign promises before the end of their 4 year two terms allowed by the constitution and the prevalent excuse, irrespective of which party is that the 4years per term is too short to make any change happen.One such comment was from the Ex president John Agyekum Kuffour. He passed this comment as his term was up as president from 2000 to 2008 and was about to hand over power to the NDC who won the 2008 election.

At the recently ended NPP Annual delegates conference held at the Koforidua Technical University, he reiterated his comment. “4years is too short to make much of a difference” and that he wished presidents would be given adequate time to deliver on their promises.

During an interview with Mr. Joe Nayere, a member of the ruling NPP, he said “Left to me governments should be given 7 year single term of office. A president who has been given ample time and isn’t bothered by the nightmares of reelection will have the guts to make some of the dramatic changes required to put our nation on a path of accelerated development. Such feats has been achieved by Paul Kagame of Rwanda, a country which was devastated by a civil war about two decades ago is now the country everyone is talking about. The changes required to yield any real results in this country will be unpopular and not many presidents will risk it when they face a reelection in 4years time.”

Maybe it is time we started looking into the time given our governments to undo all the years of underdevelopment and stagnation as an independent country.


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