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3 reasons why this picture of CR7 and Hushpuppi is trending


A side by side picture of famous football star and a recently busted Nigerian international fraudster, Hushpuppi has been receiving a lot social shares and many people not privy to the story behind it are confused.

Apart from the fact that the two are wearing the same brightly colored combination of Shirt and short, there’s more to know than meets the eye.


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Hushpuppi who lived the life of a king and claimed he was a self-made real estate millionaire, was recently arrested Ranbo-Style by Dubai’s E-Crime police unit for charges of fraud.

He and his gang of internet fraudsters are said to have defrauded over 430million United States dollars using Business email compromise and phishing to redirect payments into their own accounts.

Below, we list the reasons why we think this picture is trending…..

1. One is the Goat and the other a scapegoat

Cristiano Ronaldo is a self made millionaire. He has put in so much work to get to the top of the financial ladder and can afford almost every luxury available. Hushpuppi could too. He had an enormous financial muscle available to him that actually meant he could live in a hotel-like apartment, drive all the fancy cars, have celebrity booty-calls and all the designer stuff. Basically, people are sharing it as mockery of a wannabe who got caught wallowing in his ill-gotten affluence.

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2. One is original and the other a copycat

CR7 gets his money from a string of genuine businesses and his trade as a footballer. He sets fashion trends and those who can afford try to follow suit. Hushpuppi wanted to show the world he could afford what Ronald buys, to Ronaldo, he just wore a something that looked nice.

3. One is a symbol of hope and the other a victim of the broken system

Cristiano Ronaldo and Hushpuppi both have talent, and are at the apogee of the pyramid of their game. A broken system means a talent that could’ve been honed if opportunities existed back in Nigeria for the young Hushpuppi, has been turned into a tool to pursue illegality. It is obvious the situation could have been different if Hushpuppi was from Portugal and not Nigeria. Unknowning, people are sharing to highlight how the system forces citizens in Nigeria to pursue illegality.

source: Nsemwoha News