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3 essential forms of support a man needs from his woman

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Straight to the point, men want support. A sensible man is not just marrying you because you know how to pack your breasts with push up bras and make him lose his entire senses when he sees you, neither is he marrying you because you will make a good night in bed.

He is marrying you because he wants to succeed and he NEEDS you to HELP him succeed! I said sensible man because some boys don’t know more than night joy. It shows in the way he salivates and shakes like a chicken suffering from epilepsy the moment he sees you!

A great man needs your SUPPORT to succeed.

1. He needs your PHYSICAL SUPPORT. You practically offer a helping hand in his vision. I once saw the picture of Apostle Selman’s fiancee handling the video coverage of one his programmes years back.

You want to marry a man and always cross your legs like the queen of the universe while he labours, sweat, does all the hard work to fulfil his destiny/calling/vision and you want him to help you in the kitchen and treats you like the queen of the universe. I smile…I really, really smile…

2. He needs your SPIRITUAL, MORAL and FINANCIAL SUPPORT in form of daily prayers and intercession for him. He needs your FINANCIAL support by sharing your money with him to ensure he fulfils his dreams. He wants to invest in a 500k business, he has 350k, why not help with 150k if you have and can really help? He needs your MORAL SUPPORT by encouraging him, being there when he needs you, cheering him on etc.

3. He needs your BEDROOM SUPPORT in MARRIAGE. It makes him feel needed, wanted, admired, boosts his self confidence and ultimately help him succeed.

When you see a man going crazy for a woman, running after her, being at her beck and call, totally adore and cherish her. It is not just because she knows how to paint her face, cat walk, look and seduce him, it is because she meets the deepest need of his life: the need to succeed by offering her support and standing by him till he actually succeeds.

So many ladies are afraid to support their men out of the fear he will abandon them the moment he succeeds.

Yes, a man who is not your own will abandon you. Make sure you marry a man who genuinely loves you, cares about you as much as you do and will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what happens.


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