Home Crime 23 Year Old Man Shot at Jei Krodua

23 Year Old Man Shot at Jei Krodua

A 23 year old man has reportedly been shot dead and his body dumped at a farm at Jei Krodua near Kasoa, in the central region.


The body was discovered by a woman who was in her farm at the outskirts of the town.

She reported to Jei Krodua police that at around 3pm Monday morning, she heard 2 gunshots while working in her farm. She later saw a man from a distance with a car dumping somebody on the ground and sped off.

She later got closer and saw the unidentified man lying in a pool of blood, dead.

Police rushed to the scene and retrieved the body which had gunshot wounds to the ribs.


The body has since been deposited at the police morgue for autopsy while police are on the hunt for the assailants.

Source: nsemwoha.com