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18-year old Quaden Bayles with dwarfism scams the whole world into thinking he is 9 (Photos)

Quaden Bayles, who lives with mother Yarraka Bayles in the Australian state of Queensland recently posted a heartbreaking Facebook Live Video in which the mother complained about his son being a victim of Bullying at school.

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Bayles who sat at the back of his mother’s car sobbed uncontrollably, saying to the camera: “Give me a knife, I want to kill myself.”

Well, the video went viral and got other netizens digging for information on Quaden Bayles.

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As it turns out, Quaden Bayles recently celebrated his 18th birthday, posting pictures of it on Instagram, a netizen revealed.

His poses in his other pictures unseen by the internet depicts someone who is not so innocent and certainly wouldn’t easily be bullied.

Netizens in reacting to the discovery have expressed how the whole story didn’t look real to them from the onset.

I wonder why my intuition never bought the story. I literally ignored every post about the bully. I even felt guilty for being annoyed about seeing too many posts about him every where! Wow!! This is shocking.. me paa wey I know jump onto the matter paa haha.” wrote Majeed Suhuyini.

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While the debate is on about whether he is actually 9 or 18, some people are very convinced he is indeed 18.

Quaden with a gun, and the F you sign
Instagram pictures of his supposed 18th birthday celebration


Nsemwoha has followed this keenly and delved deep to fund more details on the age of Quaden Bayles.

From what we have gathered, Quaden is indeed a 9 year old boy. In 2015, he was in the media spotlight due to a previous bullying incident. His age was quoted as 4, So doing the maths brings his age to 9.

Here’s a video report from the Australian news station Studio 10 featuring then 4-year-old Quaden Bayles.